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Have you ever thought of trying burlesque dance? Maybe you have a friend who does it, or maybe you’ve heard about burlesque shows locally?

No matter what sparked your interest, there are a number of reasons why every woman should try burlesque dance at least once!

Burlesque Gives You The Chance to Learn Something New

You might feel too nervous to take a burlesque dance class because you’re not a professional dancer, but that’s perfectly okay! You don’t need to be a professional to take a class; all you need is a willingness to learn. 

After all, taking a burlesque dance class is all about learning something new. Whether you choose to make a career out of burlesque dancing, take it up as a hobby or just try out one class, it’s all about the experience of trying your hand at something you’ve never done before. 

Burlesque Dance is Inclusive

If you’ve suffered from a lack of confidence or body image issues, burlesque might be a great option for you. Whether you’ve always felt comfortable in a bathing suit or if you were the type of girl who never dared to wear a bikini, burlesque can help you build confidence in yourself and your body!   

One of the best things about burlesque dancing is that it doesn’t put a limit on one’s body type. You’ll find burlesque dancers of all sizes: slender and curvy, tall and short, or large breasts and small breasts. Burlesque encourages everyone, regardless of who they are, to love and embrace their bodies.

Deciding to take a burlesque dance class may be the first step to loving your body. By signing up, you are showing that you believe your body is beautiful enough to be appreciated – and not just by the audience who you plan to dance in front of, but by yourself.